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Miniature Garden Spigot with Soap Dish

  Wanting a garden spigot for my little raccoon.  I  tried out something new for me.  3D printing.   I have been tinkering with some tutorials using blender, fusion360 and with the tinkercad program.  What a learning curve but love learning something new.    Are any of you out there trying out 3D printing? Here is…… Continue reading Miniature Garden Spigot with Soap Dish

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Metal Etching for Miniature Hinges and The Weather Vane

My little adventure in metal etching to make my own hinges and the weather vane for the chicken coop. There are a lot of great tutorials for metal etching and this is just a little outline of my journey through the process. I started with the easiest process that I found.  Etching with ferric chloride. …… Continue reading Metal Etching for Miniature Hinges and The Weather Vane

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Little Swimming Pool Tutorial

So are you enjoying your summer?  Ours has suddenly turned so hot and I have cool water on my mind.  How about a little swimming pool for a summer setting? I start with a disposable 5.5 oz food cup.  Determine the height that you want and mark for cutting.  I placed a marker on item…… Continue reading Little Swimming Pool Tutorial