Happy Holloween 2020

Fred, Oscar and Pinky are a little suspicious of their new neighbors!

So I had intended to make this project and enter it into a contest, however, I missed the deadline by four days. I just kept on adding one more thing…so disappointed right now with myself.

Here is a shot further away so you can see all those time consuming jack o lanterns that I just had to make.

I still have more ideas to add to the scene that are rolling around in my head and refusing to give up the ghost.

Warning this section contains some political humor and if you don’t want to see it scroll on by. Aren’t we all just tired of this by now?

The next two pictures have a little change …see if you can spot it.

Hope it gave you a little chuckle or tee hee.

I will add the files for the jack-o-lanterns to the post for your printing pleasure. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4642755

Ending this with wishing all a safe and happy halloween.


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