Dollhouse Miniature Dog Treat Jar and Dog Biscuits DIY

Hope you all are hanging in there. I know it seems like it would be easy to get more done and chill…but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work that way. The uneasiness of the world touches us all in ways we don’t even realize.

So just a little post with some free files for you to use if you wish. The little treat jar was made in fusion360 and printed on a resin printer. As well as the little dog biscuit cookies cutter.

Fred the beagle is quite fond of his treats and will do just about anything to get some.

Here his is singing for his biscuits. The kitty cat doesn’t seem to be pleased.

You will need to size the jar and cutter to suit your needs.

The little dog biscuits are just air drying clay that has been colored and rolled out and cut with the dog bone shaped cookie cutter.

Happy dog biscuit making!

Wishing us all some fall weather to enjoy

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