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Miniature Mailbox Template

Pugsly Mail box

Travel back in time to December and you will arrive at a better time and place where Pugsly the pug is getting ready for Christmas and had received an abundance of mail to sort.

I just wanted to share the template for the mail box that I made for a prop for Pugsly.


The square at the bottom is a one inch square for size reference.

Here are some photos of the mail box for your reference to help assemble.


Start with the main body of the mail box , add the legs , bottom and the rest of the cut outs are the trim details.    Below are the images I used for the logos.   Also…I cut the parts out of blue card stock so I wouldn’t have to paint the body.  Just sealed with spray sealer.


Happy Mail Box Making!

Let me know if you have questions or need more info for assembling.


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