Little Red Wagon Tutorial

Miniature Little Red Wagon Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a little red wagon.  I know my fur babies do.  So I made a little red wagon out of card stock and parts.  I also made a pink and blue one and called them baby flyers. Longest tutorial for me…so hopefully no missing information.


  1. Card Stock in your color choice for body and black for the axles
  2. white glue
  3. tumb tacks white
  4. o rings ( I bought two assortments at Home depot)
  5. coffee stirrer
  6. eyelets
  7. grommets and snap fasteners parts  (see pictures in tutorial)
  8. paint to match your card stock and white for logo
  9. sand paper
  10. mini dowels
  11. paper trimmer
  12. 1/4 inch hole punch and 1/8″
  13. Sew on Snap approx 1/4″
  14.  Spackling
  15. Brads

We will start on the body of the wagon you will need to cut the following out of your card stock.

Red Wagon Cut

  1. 2 pcs 12″x 1/2 Side Walls
  2. 1 pc 3 3/4 x 2 3/4 Upper rim
  3. 4 pcs 2 1/2 3/1/2 Bottom of wagon

Round the corners on the upper rim and bottom.  Form one piece of the side wall around the bottom.

Measure from the short side of the bottom in 1/2″ and from the long side 3/4″ and mark.  Glue this bottom and two other together like a stack of cards.  Be sure the the marked one is visable.  Let dry.  Center and hole punch through all three cards.  This will be the recess area for one half of your snap.  The snap allows the handle/ front axle to pivot.

Card stock is usually made of two pieces of paper laminated.  So on your wagon sides the over lap you can help eliminate some of the bulk by splitting the paper and removing half on each over lap. Just remember to take off  opposites.  Top half on one side and bottom half on the other.  That way when you glue the ends together they butt up and join with out having added bulk.  My pictures were blurry…so I the samples below are in brown card stock just for reference.

Use one of the bottoms to trace out a line on the upper rim.

RW Upper Rim


Then  mark another approximately 1/4 inch to the inside and cut out the center.  Once you have the center cut out, make small clip towards the first marking.  RW Upper Rim clip

Glue your side wall together.  Bend the clip tabs down a little on the upper rim  and glue the tabs to the inside of the sides. Red Wagon Wall

Dry fit your second 1/2″ by 12″ side to the inside to cover up the folded down tabs.  Trim and glue as you did the first sides.  Take a ball stylus and round out the rim.

Red Wagon Upper Rim Ball StylusRed Wagon Wall RimRW body

Glue you final bottom to the 3 stack with the hole.  Dry.   Fit the bottoms into your sides. You may have to trim a little to fit. Once you have you fit…glue in place.

Add a little of the paint to the spackling and fill the gaps.  Dry.  Sand.

Paint a coat of the color  and dry.

RW Paint Eyelet

Red Wagon drying

Now on the the bottom.

Red Wagon Black Rim

Cut some strips of black card stock 1/4″ wide.


This is the part that the front axle goes through.

Back Axle support Follow the folds and add the eyelets as in the picture.

Here is what you should end up with. Build two of these.

Red Wagon Snap

Glue centered and 1/4″ from the edge.    Ignore the pictures…I had to move them closer to the edge.




The above has both of the axles supports.  Cut out the one on the left out of black card stock.

Fold as shown in the below picture and glue on one of the axle supports.

RW front Axle

Glue the other half of the snap into the hole.

Red Wagon F Axle with snap

Sorry a little messy picture.  But just clean off the excess glue.

Now onto the wheels.

RW Wheels two

Two of the parts are from Dritz..they are sewing supplies.

Assemble your wheels.

RW Wheels

O ring glued to the fastener.  Then the snap fastener creates the beauty rim.Red Wagon Wheels backs

The eyelet goes into the back like the picture above.   We will add the thumb tack after the wheels are on the axels.

RW Axle work

Use the coffee stirrer straws to go through the axle supports and trim.  Then add the mini dowels and trim.  Then glue on your wheels to the mini dowel.  Be sure to have them even.

REd Wagon bottom one axle

For the wagon handle.  Use a coffee stirrer with a mini dowel inside.  I drilled some small hole on two side of the handle and used the tiny brads to attach to the axel support.

RW hmm

RW Axle work (2)

Cut a small 1/8″ wide strip of black card stock and bend around a stir stick to shape the handle

Red Wagon handle

Glue into the handle.


Now for the finishing touches.  To add the logo on the sides, I did the pencil transfer technique for guidence for painting.  Print out the logo.  Hold up to a window and trace with pencil.  Then place the tracing side against the side of the wagon and rub.  The pencil tracing will rub off onto the wagon.   Then you can paint your logo on both sides of the wagon.  CAM00383


I found the logo by searching for the radio flyer decals.

Punch and round 4 pcs  1/8 circle from red card stock and round out with a stylus.  Cut the tips off of 4 white thumb tacks.  Glue the white thumb tacks as wheel covers and the little red rounded card stock in the center of the white thumb tacks.




Ta da….Little Red Wagon.


RW other side_Copy2RW only_Copy2


A good web site for miniatures made out of card stock and matt board is   Truly a find.



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