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Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Whew,  I almost didn’t get this one done in time to post for May….trying to stick to my goal of one tutorial a month.  I just love the vintage lawn chairs and wanted to make a miniature version. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and taste the cold ice tea. Supplies: card stock…… Continue reading Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

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Miniature Typewriter Tutorial

A miniature typewriter tutorial.  This little typewriter is mostly made out of paper and some bits you might have laying around if you sew. I had a  delay to getting this tutorial done.  I had taken a photos on my phone all day and that evening I transferred them to my computer.  All looked well…… Continue reading Miniature Typewriter Tutorial

Little Red Wagon Tutorial

Miniature Little Red Wagon Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a little red wagon.  I know my fur babies do.  So I made a little red wagon out of card stock and parts.  I also made a pink and blue one and called them baby flyers. Longest tutorial for me…so hopefully no missing information. Supplies: Card Stock in your color choice for…… Continue reading Miniature Little Red Wagon Tutorial