Vintage Style Bottle Holder Tutorial

Miniature Vintage Style Bottle Holder Garden Accessory Tutorial


So MilkyWay and Hershey (bunny critters) decided that they were going to nibble on my little strawberry plants this morning.


Little rascals!

On to a serious note, here is this weeks tutorial.  A real simple vintage style rusted bottle holder.  Which has been put to use in the garden.



Supplies needed:

  1. brown cardstock
  2. acrylic paint raw sienna, expresso and orange
  3. white glue
  4. scissors or paper trimmer
  5. ball stylus
  6. 1/8 hole punch
  7. old toothbrush



Cut a few strips of the brown card stock approximately 1/8th wide and a 2″x 3″piece. .  Paint the strips with the raw sienna on both sides and let dry.


Make a wash of the expresso and splatter with the toothbrush.  Randomly on both sides and let dry.


Next make a wash of the orange and splatter the paint onto the strips lightly both sides. I then made a mixture of the orange and the expresso and splattered that onto the strips both  sides.



Do the same steps to your 2 x 3 piece of cardstock.   Let dry.


I have this sewing hem measuring guide that I use for small projects.  Much easier than a larger ruler.

Take one of the strips and measure out a rectangle. 1″ x 1.5″ x 1″x 1.5″.  Leave a little over lap for gluing.


Measure out three pieces measuring 1 1/2″.  Bend 1/4″ right angle from each end.


Glue into place.  (Next time I make this, I will space the two end strips closer the edge.  Think of the spacing  as  5 strips evenly.)

Cut two strips 2″ long and bend right angles 1/4″ at each end.  Glue into place length wise.


Let dry and then turn over to work from the top side.

Cut 2 strips 1 1/8″ in length and bend right angle 1/8″ at each end.  Glue into place.

Cut 1 strip 1 3/4″ in length and bend right angle 1/8″ at each end.  Glue into place.


Your should have a grid like the above photo.  Test to be sure what ever you are going to place into the holder will fit.


The handle is a strip 1 3/4″ long and bent at the following points. 1/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 1/2 , 1/8″. Making a “U” shape with tabs. u shape

Glue into place and let dry.


Next punch a few 1/8″ holes from the 2″x 3″ card stock.


Use your ball stylus and round out.  This is the mock rivet heads.  Glue one onto each point where the strips cross/meet.

Hard to see…


Here you can see them better.   Dry and ta da…your done.

Fill it up with your favorite things.


Don’t forget to watch for those rascal rabbits trying to nibble away.



I better go and find them some more carrots.



Hope you enjoyed!


The End


6 thoughts on “Miniature Vintage Style Bottle Holder Garden Accessory Tutorial

  1. Thankyou for your lovely tutorial, it is people like you that that enable people like me to expand our knowledge. love your talent and generosity


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