Chocolate Bunny Box Printie

Miniature Chocolate Bunny Box Printie

So this week I sculpted a few little chocolate bunnies to hang out with my fur babies.  There are lots of tutorials for sculpting the chocolate bunnies out there, so I won’t bore you with my version.  Just a quick little tip on how I start mine that my help someone jump a little easier into trying a miniature chocolate bunny.

I usually find something to inspire or follow visually for sculpting. For the chocolate bunny, I found a svg file of a bunny outline.



It is a little hard to see in the photo.  But I use the cut out shape as a guide line for the sculpting.  I sculpt one side of the bunny rabbit and then cure and follow up with the other side of the bunny.


Keep is fairly simple with the details as the real life chocolate bunnies are simple in design so that they come out of the molds easily.

On to covering your little chocolate bunny  with some gold foil.  I found my gold foil  at Michaels in the candy aisle.  They are used to cover real treats.  The foil is perfect for a miniature as it real thin and shiny gold.


I cut the foil into fours and then into half.  You will end up with eight triangles.  Take one of the triangles and place along the middle line of the bottom half of your chocolate bunny.


Gently press with your finger tips along one side of the bunny and trim excess foil at the mid line.  You want the foil to cover one side of the bunny up to the half way point.  By half way, I mean imagine a line going all around the bunny dividing the bunny in half so if you were to cut through you would have two complete bunnies.CHOCOLATE LINDT BUNNY_Copy3.jpg

Do the other side the same way.


Add red ribbon and use a brown sharpie to add the details to the eyes and ears.


I design a little chocolate box to put my little chocolate bunnies in.

lindt chocolate boxlindt box4 with lines

I have attached a pdf and a png file.  I printed mine onto glossy photo paper.   I have one box with the dotted line for fold lines.  Use for a template for the other boxes.  Trim the corners off at the red lines.    Have fun.



Where do you start on your chocolate bunny?

Thank you for looking!

Meerkat and Panda Cat TY

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