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Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor

A quick little tutorial for some miniature Easter decor.   If you made the chocolate bunny for your Lindt Chocolate Rabbit box, you are ahead of the game.    Here’s the link to the post  https://teensyweensybaby.com/2016/03/08/1568/ Grab your little rabbit mold and pop out a couple polymer clay bunnies.  You could also just use a…… Continue reading Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor

Chocolate Bunny Box Printie

Miniature Chocolate Bunny Box Printie

So this week I sculpted a few little chocolate bunnies to hang out with my fur babies.  There are lots of tutorials for sculpting the chocolate bunnies out there, so I won’t bore you with my version.  Just a quick little tip on how I start mine that my help someone jump a little easier…… Continue reading Miniature Chocolate Bunny Box Printie