Cracker Jack Popcorn Tutorial

Miniature Cracker Jack Popcorn Tutorial

Thanksgiving Dessert
Raccoons enjoying Dessert of Cracker Jack Popcorn

So a little behind on my tutorials but here is a quick mini tutorial for cracker jack popcorn.

You can find cracker jack box printables all over the net so find one and get the box assembled.

You will need the following for the popcorn:

  • portion cups for mixing
  • acrylic clear gloss
  • dark brown acrylic paint
  • light brown acrylic paint
  • gel medium
  • polystyrene
  • paper towels
  • alcohol in spray bottle
Bandit 007
Raw Sienna and gel medium coating for polystyrene

Pull apart the polystyrene into individual pieces.  Try and make them different sizes and shapes.  Place a small amount of the raw sienna acrylic paint and gel medium into a portion cup and mix.  Add the polystyrene pieces and stir to coat.

Bandit 008

Don’t complete cover the pieces .  Just a quick stir to lightly cover.  Turn out onto paper towels and gently pat some of the gel medium off.

Bandit 011

Next gather the epresso and gel medium.

Bandit 014

Mix a 60/40 of gel medium and expresso acrylic paint.

Bandit 013

Coat the dry polystyrene lightly. Turn out onto paper towel and gently pat to remove some of the gel medium.

Bandit 015

Lightly mist with alcohol and pat.

When dry coat with clear gloss medium and let dry.

Ta Da!  Miniature Cracker Jack popcorn perfect for you little miniature scene.

Bandit 08





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