Grab it Tool Tutorial

Handy Grab It Tool Tutorial

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0022

Ever get frustrated trying to set up an item to paint?  I have!  I have been using bees wax to hold my items onto a dowel and the bees wax kept on coming loose.  Maybe because of the cold temperature.  Oh my,  I had to sand again to smooth out the mistakes.

I have a tool that I love for holding items to paint, however, I only had the one.  That won’t do when you have a bunch of tiny items that need a base coat. I like have batch of items to coat at one time.  So I made several more to help me with holding.

A very simple item to build that turns out a handy tool to have.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0005


  • dowel
  • wire cutters
  • music wire
  • dremel or drill
  • expoxy glue
  • wood beads
  • soldering supplies
  • pliers to bend the wire
  • saw

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0008

You can either leave the dowel whole or cut in half.  I cut mine in half so that I have a six inch piece.  This will become the handle.

Sand the ends smooth.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0006Grab Tool_Tutorial_0007

Music wire comes in 36″ length.  I cut mine up into 6″ lengths.  Use really good wire cutters as the wire is quite tough to cut.  File the ends smooth.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0009

Wrap three wire together with some masking tape and set up to solder.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0017

Solder the wires together at one end.  Don’t skip this step, as it is vital to the tool operating well.  If you don’t solder the ends, the wires will just turn around in the handle. Trust me, I have made the mistake of not soldering and watched my wires just twist around as they wish.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0018


Grab Tool_Tutorial_0012

I measured my three wires bundle with a circle templet to determine the size of hole I would need for the wire to go into the handle.  The wires measured 7/64 so I drilled my hole 1/8 to allow room for the epoxy glue.

Double check the hole in your beads is big enough to have the wires go through too.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0011

Mix up your epoxy glue.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0013

Dip the soldered end of the wire bundle  into the glue and insert into your wood handle.  Add the large bead onto you wires.   Apply some more epoxy glue to the wires at the surface where the wires come out of your handle. Slide the wood bead down to meet the handle.  You want the bead to attach to the handle and help hold the wires.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0014

Allow the glue to set up.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0015

After the glue sets up, bend the wires out and away from each other.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0019Grab Tool_Tutorial_0020

Slide the smaller bead onto the wires.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0019

Now you can turn the wire ends by bending them back towards each other.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0021

Your tool is ready to use.  Simply slide the small bead up to close the wires together and slide the bead down to open the wires.

Grab Tool_Tutorial_0023Grab Tool_Tutorial_0024Grab Tool_Tutorial_0022Grab Tool_Tutorial_0001

Here are a few of the ones I made to help me with holding items to be painted.  The one on the right is the original tool that I have had for years.  I think it was intended to hold ceramics when glaze coating.

You can vary the size of the dowel and wires to make different size tools.

Thanks for looking.  Drop me a note if you have any questions or comments





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