Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones Tutorial

Miniature Christmas Wreath with Pine Cone Tutorial

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0001

Still catching up this week due the thanksgiving holiday.  So a quick tutorial on a simple Christmas wreath with Pine cones.

Gather your supplies

  1. pine pick
  2. some kind of greenery to fill the wreath.  I used a vine called asparagas fern
  3. acrylic paint : dark brown, white, green red
  4. glue I used thick and tacky
  5. wire for berries
  6. paper card stock
  7. paper punches. I used daisy and paw print
  8. wire cutters
  9. ribbon for bow
  10. toothpicks
  11. scissors

Cut a small portion of the pine pick to form a circle

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0002

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0003

Glue ends together and trim the length of the pine needles.  Trim flat on the back of wreath.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0004

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0016

Gather your filler greenery and trim off some small pieces.  I liked the asparagas fern vine because there was two different colors of green to use.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0008Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0015

Add small pieces to your wreath following the direction of the pine needles.  Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0017

Glue them in as you are going.  I fill mine up pretty full except where the to ends meet.  I left this area less full. This is where the bow will go.

Next grab your paper and paper punches.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0007

I used a natural paper card stock.  You could save a step and use a dark brown card stock and skip one paint step.  I just used what I had on hand.

The daisy vine paper punch I used the tiny petals and on the paw print I used the paw toe pads only.

Punch and separate a pile of pieces.  You will need more of the small petals than the paw pads.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0015Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0014

Okay gather your toothpick and apply glue to the end tip.  Covering about a quarter inch of the tip.  The toothpicks tapered end makes a good center point for the pine cones.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0009

Apply three of the tiny petals to the tip of the toothpick.  Fat end down and pointy end towards top.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0010

Start layering more of the tiny petal punches around the tip. Moving down  and flaring out slightly as go. After the second row, apply your tiny petals fat end facing up and pointy end down.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0011

On the last row I used the oval paw pads to finish.  I used a ball stylus to round them and placed them short side facing up.  You don’t have to have the larger paw pad punches and your pine cone will be just a little bit smaller.

After drying (if you used the natural card stock) dry brush some dark brown on the outside of your pine cone.Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0012

After drying, dry brush white acylic to the out side edges.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0013

Now make a few more pine cones for your wreath (I made 8 for mine) and clip them with some wire cutters off of the toothpick.

Make some berries for your wreath following the instructions from the Hollyberry vine tutorial.

Wire and Wire Cutters

Start by cutting a few  pieces of the wire.

Strip Wire

Strip the insulation from the end and expose the bare copper wires.  Fan out the wires to separate them.Fan Wire

Dip the ends of each of the wires into glue to form a bead at the end.


Do this to all of your wires and let them dry.

Get your acrylic paints ready.  I used a leaf green and barn red.


Start with the green and dip the glue bead into the green to coat.


Do all of the wire ends and let dry.

Next using the red  or dip the tips to coat 3/4 of the ends. Leaving a little bit of the green showing at the top of the berry.



Let them dry and then either spray coat a clear finish or dip in a clear finish to add a shine to your berries.

Twist them into some berry clusters and clip into short lengths to glue onto your wreath.

Arrange your pine cones and berries as you like and glue into place.  Be sure to leave room for the bow at the top of your wreath.

Christmas Wreath _Tutorial_0001

Now tie up a bow and glue into place.  I used a cream silk ribbon and used the fork method to tie.  This worked really well and made the bow tying really easy.

Ta dah..done and ready to add some holiday cheer to your mini scenes.

Raccoons and  Christmas Wreath_Decorating for Christmas_0001

Hope you enjoyed!  Let me know your thoughts and comments.






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