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Little Swimming Pool Tutorial


So are you enjoying your summer?  Ours has suddenly turned so hot and I have cool water on my mind.  How about a little swimming pool for a summer setting?

I start with a disposable 5.5 oz food cup.  Determine the height that you want and mark for cutting.  I placed a marker on item that holds the pen to the height I want to mark and then turn the cup around while holding against the marker tip.



Cut along the line.


I placed the cut cup on top of a piece of clear plastic.  I don’t know about you, but I have an uncontrollable habit of keeping packaging for a just in cast moment.  If you don’t have some plastic handy, you can use packaging tape or plastic lid.  We will remove from the bottom so it doesn’t have to look a certain way.  Just provide a bottom for the resin. I then hot glue around the outside bottom edge to create a seal.

POOLTUT_Copy3 Mix up some clear resin.  I used the product called ice resin.  After mixing the resin for a couple of minutes, wait five minutes for the bubbles to pop.  Pour to cover the bottom of the cup.  Cure overnight.  20190723_112334POOLTUT_Copy4POOLTUT_Copy6

After curing overnight, remove the bottom and hot glue.

fish pool.png



Print out the graphics on tissue paper and decoupage onto the pool.  I used the water graphics for the bottom and applied on the out side bottom.  The fish/bubbles graphics I used to decoupage to the inside of the lip of the pool.

After decoupaging the graphics onto the pool, I mixed up some more resin and brushed onto the inside to seal the graphics to the pool.  That way I could add water to the pool for pictures.

I can see another couple of pools in my future…I want one with sea turtles and sea horses and maybe one with frogs and dragonflies.

Hope you all enjoyed.  Stay cool!



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