Interesting find on You Tube

THicketworksSo I have been watching  a You Tube channel (YouTube Channel Thicketworks)

that has some interesting DIY videos for a secret garden in miniature.  Fountain, benches, table , birdbath, door, pavers and brickwork to name a few.   She uses the Crickcut Maker and provides svg files to download for free. Thought you all might be interested in seeing the channel.

Happy watching!










4 thoughts on “Interesting find on You Tube

  1. I have been following Thicketworks for some time, thanks to a glowing recommendation from a good friend of mine. Heather is a Creative and Generous Artisan with a voice you could listen to all day! And either with or without the use of a Circut machine, her techniques are Original, Imaginative and her results; downright Stunning!


  2. Thank you! I love the generosity of the mini community; not only in that miniaturists share their own tutorials, but that they often lift other miniaturists up.


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