Standing Washtub Tutorial

Miniature Standing Galvanized Wash Tub Tutorial

So here I go again.   Late but as least getting it done.  I lost a follower last week and that made me very sad. Thank you all of my faithful followers that hang in there with me!  I do appreciate you all! This is a little bit different as in I used a heavy duty…… Continue reading Miniature Standing Galvanized Wash Tub Tutorial

Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial · Uncategorized

Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Whew,  I almost didn’t get this one done in time to post for May….trying to stick to my goal of one tutorial a month.  I just love the vintage lawn chairs and wanted to make a miniature version. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and taste the cold ice tea. Supplies: card stock…… Continue reading Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial