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Cherry Blossom Heart Wreath Miniature Tutorial

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s get started on the wreath.   Grab some sewing white and dark brown sewing thread.  Just the regular kind. Wind out a length of the brown sewing thread about two feet in length.  Cut a square of wax paper 2×2.  Apply aleene’s tacky glue to one side.   Place one…… Continue reading Cherry Blossom Heart Wreath Miniature Tutorial

Holly Berry Vine Tutorial

Miniature Holly Berry Vine Tutorial

Well here is number two tutorial of my 52 tutorials in a year goal. With my feet dragging and my mind screaming no! no! no!  it can’t be that time again,  I am being sucked into the Christmas season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the spirit of the holiday and the memories that Christmas evokes.  Family…… Continue reading Miniature Holly Berry Vine Tutorial

Indian Corn Wreath Tutorial

Miniature Indian Corn Wreath Tutorial

So a little behind due to power outage but here it is my first tutorial. During research for my little grey squirrel, I found a cute picture of a corn wreath used to distract the squirrels from eating all of the bird seed from the bird feeders.  While I am not sure if they actually…… Continue reading Miniature Indian Corn Wreath Tutorial