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Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Whew,  I almost didn’t get this one done in time to post for May….trying to stick to my goal of one tutorial a month.  I just love the vintage lawn chairs and wanted to make a miniature version. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and taste the cold ice tea. Supplies: card stock…… Continue reading Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Dollhouse Miniature Wire Bird Cage No Soldering Tutorial · Uncategorized

Miniature Bird Cage Tutorial No soldering!

I just love little bird cages and for the longest time have had a desire to make one.  I just hate soldering.  Soldering is not my friend.  I have made progress on getting some things to solder some of the times.   But I am not consistent every time.  So….I had to think of a…… Continue reading Miniature Bird Cage Tutorial No soldering!

Flocked Rabbits Tutorial · Uncategorized

Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor

A quick little tutorial for some miniature Easter decor.   If you made the chocolate bunny for your Lindt Chocolate Rabbit box, you are ahead of the game.    Here’s the link to the post Grab your little rabbit mold and pop out a couple polymer clay bunnies.  You could also just use a…… Continue reading Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor

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Miniature Typewriter Tutorial

A miniature typewriter tutorial.  This little typewriter is mostly made out of paper and some bits you might have laying around if you sew. I had a  delay to getting this tutorial done.  I had taken a photos on my phone all day and that evening I transferred them to my computer.  All looked well…… Continue reading Miniature Typewriter Tutorial

Look at What is Happening with the Elf on the Shelf Tutorial

Look What fun is happening with Miniature Elf on the Shelf Tutorial.

So Fun to see the fun that comes out of making a Miniature Elf on the Shelf. Juliane Garstka has graciously  allowed me to post some pictures of her Elf. She writes “dear santa claus, these horsies are nasty, couldn’t ride one, yet” Made my day to see! Would love to see more finished elves.


Who wants a kit to make a Miniature Elf on the Shelf? Give away.

So curious to see if anybody is interested in a kit to make the miniature Elf on the Shelf?  The kit will have everything (except paint, glue and tools)  you will need to make the elf with a resin elf head ready to paint.  Should I include the packaging too?  Or just the elf?  Thoughts…… Continue reading Who wants a kit to make a Miniature Elf on the Shelf? Give away.