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Miniature Tree Stump Tutorial

I have had a few people express interest in the tree stump that I use as a prop in some of my miniature animals photography. Fairly simple supplies and an afternoon and you will have a tree stump ready for the garden. Starting with some copy paper cut into 1/4″ strips, toothpick and mod podge. …… Continue reading Miniature Tree Stump Tutorial


Dollhouse Goat Cart Tutorial

It’s been two months already….geez.  Life has been getting in the way.  You know when all things go broke on you at the same time.  Refrigerators should last more than 14 years…right? Here we go…easy peasy. Let’s start with the wheels.  When I was making my carts…noticed I said carts…I made my first set of…… Continue reading Dollhouse Goat Cart Tutorial

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Miniature Water Pump and half Barrel Tutorial

An easy tutorial for making a vintage style hand water pump with half barrel using mat board, card stock, glue wire and paint.   Print out the template and transfer outline for the barrel onto your mat board.  I pick up mat board when the craft stores sell the scraps from framing.  You can easily…… Continue reading Miniature Water Pump and half Barrel Tutorial

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Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Whew,  I almost didn’t get this one done in time to post for May….trying to stick to my goal of one tutorial a month.  I just love the vintage lawn chairs and wanted to make a miniature version. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and taste the cold ice tea. Supplies: card stock…… Continue reading Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial