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Miniature Chicken Coop Tutorial

Miniature Chicken coop with raised planter bed.  Worked out a little miniature coop for my little poultry.   I saw this cute little chicken coop and wanted one.  I can’t have it in real life…but miniature will work for me and I don’t have to clean out the poop.   I will be posting this tutorial  in parts …starting at the bottom and working on up to the etched brass rooster vane.   I had fun  making my own hinges, mock tin roof and  tin punched doors.  Perhaps if we have interest, I will do a little chick tutorial for the finale.


What lucky little chickens…to have a pretty little coop.    I look forward to changing out the little garden for the season.  Hmm…what do you have for winter crops?  Let me know your thoughts and comments.   Hope you will join me for this tutorial.  We start tomorrow with building the base enclosure.


Here is the link to part one Miniature Chicken Coop Part One

16 thoughts on “Miniature Chicken Coop Tutorial

  1. Great work on the coop, looking forward to giving it a go and eagerly awaiting the chickens.
    Winter theme- a snow man and family, ice sickles, snow,


  2. what fun! I have a wooden doll who collects all things chicken..and in fact refuses to wear anything but chicken print fabrics! We are anxious to follow your tutorial.


  3. THANK YOU so much! I came looking for the Typewriter and found the Chicken Coup! I got Chickens last week and now they will have a home!


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