Dollhouse Goat Cart Tutorial

It’s been two months already….geez.  Life has been getting in the way.  You know when all things go broke on you at the same time.  Refrigerators should last more than 14 years…right?

Here we go…easy peasy.

Let’s start with the wheels.  When I was making my carts…noticed I said carts…I made my first set of wheels with 8 spokes.  The second set of wheels with 16 spokes.  I should have made them with 12 spokes.   Go with what you think is best for your project.


The above has the parts for your wheels.  Cut all the pieces from card stock, except the wheels.  They are the guides for spoke placement.

Starting at the center of the wheel.  I used a coffee stirrer straw as my center.   Take the 1/2″ by 3″ and run through your fingers and against something round such as a paint handle.  Wrap around the coffee stirrer straw and mark with the end starts to over lap. and apply glue to one side from the mark to the end and wrap around the coffee stirrer straw to form a tube.  Not too tightly as you want the tube to be able to come off the straw.


Find something round that will fit into the inside circle of the wheel template.  I found a acrylic paint bottle worked for me.


Take a 3/16″ strip and run through you finger against a round object.  Like a dowel or paint brush handle.  Almost like curling ribbon.  Wrap around your round object and mark where the end meets.  ApplyGOATCARDTUT_Copy2 glue on one side starting from your mark to the end.  Wrap around and keep edge as even as possible.  Apply  strips until the thickness meets the template. Approximately three strips.

Take off of the bottle and center on the 1/2″x 3″ tube and mark.


Take a strip of the 1/16″ and wrap around the tube and mark where the over lap begins.  Apply glue to one side starting at your mark and wrap around.   Keep sides as even as possible.  Remove from tube.  Make another.  GOATCARDTUT_Copy15.jpg

Taking some woodies and cut to the measurement of the spokes.


Use your kraft knife and score approximately 1/8″from the end.  GOATCARDTUT_Copy8.jpg

Trim the ends with your kraft knife.


Glue your spokes around the 1/16″ round.  Using your template for a guide.



Apply the second round on top.


Glue into larger ring.


Glue centered on tube.  Make two wheels.


Test fit on coffee stirrer straw.   Ignore the number of spokes…12 or more will looks better.

Cut a 2 1/4″ by 2″ piece of mat board.


Frame with some skinny sticks.

Cut 8 woodsies match sticks 1/2″ lengths and glue into place.


Using skinny sticks frame out the top edge.


Cut a piece of 1/4″ square wood strip 1 1/2″ long.  Cut two pieces of mat board a little over a ” 1/4″ wide by 1/2″ long.  Drill a hole at each end of the mat boards a little bigger than a 1/16″.


Glue the two mat board pieces at the end of the 1/4″ square wood with the holes extending up.


Test fit a coffee stirrer straw through the holes.

Glue into the center bottom of the framed bed.


Cut two pieces of 1/16″ square wood stock 4 1/4″ length.    Glue these two approximately 1″ apart butted up to the 1/4″ square wood stock.


Opps..almost forgot.  I made two spacers that go on right before the wheels.  Take 1/4″  by 1″ card stock strip and wrap around the coffee stirrer strip and mark where the end starts to overlap.  Apply glue from the mark to the end and wrap evenly.  Make two.

Try on your wheels and trim the coffee stirrer straw flush with the wheels. I aded some fasteners for end caps.



Seal all the paper and wood parts separately with some spray mat sealer.

Have fun and paint your little cart.  It’s better to use spray paint or airbrush so that there isn’t so much water to warp the paper parts.  You can use acrylic paint…just be sure to limit your water.


Once you have your parts painted…there is one final detail for the wheels.  Add black card stock trim to the final edge.


Dress it up and there you go…a perfect little cart to haul the fall veggies to market.  Thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoyed.


Billy Cart_Copy6










10 thoughts on “Dollhouse Goat Cart Tutorial

  1. Good morning I get soooo excited when I see an email from you!!!! I am going to make this!!! How is elf on the shelf going  ??!!!! If I could only get a head from you I would be soooo happy I am able to do the rest but useless at  sculpting and I like things correct so a bead as the head would not do!!!! Warm regards Verity


    1. Good Morning to you too! Makes me happy to hear that you look forward to my posts. Gives me a reason to keep on posting. That little head is going to be the bane of me. Bear with just a little more. 🙂


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