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Miniature Water Pump and half Barrel Tutorial

TOGETHERPUMPAn easy tutorial for making a vintage style hand water pump with half barrel using mat board, card stock, glue wire and paint.half barrel


Print out the template and transfer outline for the barrel onto your mat board.  I pick up mat board when the craft stores sell the scraps from framing.  You can easily remove the colored paper layer to expose the core.  Just use the rough side of the mat for the inside/back of your projects.


Cut out the shape with a craft knife.  Use a new blade for easier and clean cuts.  Cut out a 1.5″ circle out of the mat board.


Place the template with the board lines on top of the barrel cut out.  Line up the straight ends.  Use your craft knife and score through the mat board at the opposite end half way through the thickness.  Remove the top layers of the mat board.  Leaving only one layer for a glue tab.



Next score through each board line about halfway.  Be careful not to go all the way through.


Once completed, gently bend the mat board to round out the mat board.


Take the mat board circle and with a blunt tool score in some board lines.  The back side of a butter knife or a bone folding tool would work.  I added three lines.  Starting with placing one in the middle and then half between the middle and each edge.


Using the same blunt tool.  Score each board line on the barrel cut out.


Turn over the barrel mat board and add lines only 3/4 the way down.  Don’t over work the back side, as you may tear though the mat paper.


Optional.    Using a leather punch tool add a hole where you please to look like a wood knot has fallen out. Just be sure it is at least 1/8″ down from the top edge.


Paint your mat board pieces a medium grey.  I used spray grey primer.  Let dry.  Be sure to get into the board grooves.


Here comes the fun part.  Gather some tools that have teeth and different size blunt tools. Ball stylus and crochet hooks are good blunt tools.   I keep the saw teeth from my packing tape dispenser, as well as old scroll saw blades.  Those pumpkin carving tools work too.  Start scraping in wood grain lines in the direction of the wood grain.


Keep adding different patterns of grain using the blunt and sharp tools.  Randomly.


Add the wood grain to both sides of the barrel and to the one side of the round circle.

Add glue to the tab of the barrel mat and glue together.  Glue in the circle with the wood  grain facing the bottom.    I used a small clothespin to hold together, while drying.


Black India ink and some rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle will add some staining to the bottom, top edges and bottom edges.  Apply the India ink with a brush along the edges.  A small section at a time and spritz with the rubbing alcohol.  Allow to run down and gently blot with a paper towel to absorb the excess.




Next step, transfer the bands template to card stock and cut out with your craft knife.  I used a natural colored card stock.  If you use white card stock you will need to be sure to paint the edges.   Place on a paper towel and paint both side with burnt sienna acrylic paint.




Make a mixture of burnt umber acrylic paint and water.  Thin down about 50/50.  Dip the bristles of an old toothbrush and use your thumb to rake across the bristles with the bristles facing down and holding above the painted card stock bands.  You will be covering your card stock bands with speckles of the paint.


Mix up a bright orange acrylic paint thinned to use to make some orange speckles of paint onto the card stock bands.

Allow the bands to dry.  Create a ring from the smallest band to fit along the bottom of the barrel. The arc of the band towards the top of the barrel.  Use the method where you create the glue flaps like we did in the lantern tutorial.   Make sure to have your glued edges along the back of the barrel.


Use the medium sized card stock band to create a band for the middle of the barrel and than the largest card stock band for the top edge.




Starting on the water pump.  Cut a 7/32 dowel to 3.75″ length

Drill a hole using a 1/8 bit into one end as far as you can.  Be careful.   Mine got so hot, that I thought it was going to start a fire.  Little at a time.


Next we are going to add a 2 1/8 x 1″ cuff around the bottom.  Using the same method as in the lantern tutorial , test wrap and mark overlap, create the glue flaps and glue into place.


Next add another cuff measuring 1 7/8″ x 1″cuff.  Lining up at the bottom of the dowel.

1 11/16″ x 1 1/4″ is next.

1 7/16″ x 1 1/4″ next

1 1/8″x 1 1/4″ next

7/8″ x 1 1/4″ next

The length measurements are approximate.  You must test fit and adjust as necessary.


Cut three pieces of 1/2″ by 1 1/2′ and add around the bottom.  Each one over the top of the previous one.  Lining up at the bottom and using the same technique as in previous tutorials.

Wood circle measuring approximately 5/8″ round.  Mark and drill four equal hole just inside the outer edge of the wood circle. Don’t drill all the way through.


Continuing up the water pump.  Cut a 1/16″ strip of card stock. I use a paper cutter and just cut across the long edge.  Starting just above the top of the first cuff applied, glue one end of the strip of card stock to the dowel and start winding around til you have a circle measuring approximately 7/16″ wide.  Tear the end of the strip and glue.  Do this step again leaving just a tiny bit of space between.



Add a cuff of card stock measuring approximately 1 /1/2 x 1 1/4″ right above.


Add two cuff rings 1/16″ wide  directly above spaced evenly.


Cut two pieces of card stock  3/4 x 1″.  Apply one cuff with the top edge lining up with the top of the wood dowel.  The second piece of card stock add some lines using a blunt tool running down the short side.



This is the back side.  I ended up turning mine over and used the other side.  Add this cuff on top of the piece we just added.

Glue the post in the center of the wood circle.


Cut a piece of 6 gauge wire about 1″ in length.  I used aluminum armature wire for mine.

Bend approximately 1/4 of the wire down at a 90 degree angle.



Cut a 1/16″ strip of card stock and make a cuff ring for the end pointing down.  Add a 1/4″ strip of card stock to create a cuff ring for the other end.


Glue the faucet to the post about 1/2″ down from the top.  Be sure to glue to the front.


Cut out the pump handle and brackets from card stock.

Take the four pieces of the bracket and glue two pieces together and the other two pieces together.


Drill or pierce a hole in each end of one bracket.


Cut the other bracket as shown below.


Line up the cut bracket onto the whole bracket and glue together.


Drill or pierce the holes all the way through the added layers.

Test wrap your bracket around the top of the dowel. The cut bracket faces the inside.  It should wrap around and leave a small gap.  Be sure that the bracket extends towards the back of the pump.


Glue in place.  I cut a small piece of scrap wood from a craft  stick to fit into the space between the brackets.

Glue together 3 sets of two of the pump handle.


Cut the end just beyond the top round.  See the picture above.

Drill small holes in the center of the round top on two whole handles.


Sandwich the cut handle in between the two whole handles.  Glue together.


Cut a 1.5″ length of 20 gauge wire.  Create a loop at one end.


Insert the looped end of the wire in the opening at the top of the handle.  Cut another piece of the 20 gauge wire and insert through the holes and looped wire. Trim flush.


Cut another small piece of 20 gauge wire.  Add the handle pivot to the bracket and insert the wire through the brackets and handle.  Trim flush.


Now depending on how far you could drill into the top of the dowel, you may have to trim the push rod wire down to fit inside of the hole.

Punch some small rounds of card stock with your leather punch.  Use a ball stylus and round out the circles.  Glue over the tops of the wire ends to hide the wire.



Cut four small section off a toothpick using a craft knife.WATERPUMP_Copy73.jpg


Glue these four pieces into the holes your drilled on the wood circle base.


Cut a 1/4″ piece of the 20 gauge wire.  Use pliers to flatten one end and curl the other end.  Glue to the top of the spigot.  This is the bucket hook.


Cut four pieces of card stock in 1/2″ circles and glue together.  Use a 1/4″ hole punch to punch a hole in the middle.


Glue this to the top of the pump.


All done with the hard part.  Now you can seal the paper and paint as you wish.  Spray paint or airbrush are still my favorites to finish my paper projects.  Less chance of warping from too much water.

Does this post count as two?  LOL  Kisses…thanks for stopping by!















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  1. Fantastic tutorial. You have a wonderful eye for detail, and I just love your little ‘models’ as well!
    All the best


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