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Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

Whew,  I almost didn’t get this one done in time to post for May….trying to stick to my goal of one tutorial a month.  I just love the vintage lawn chairs and wanted to make a miniature version.


I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and taste the cold ice tea.


  1. card stock
  2. glue
  3. wire
  4. scissors
  5. xacto knife
  6. paint
  7. masking tape
  8. cutting mat
  9. round object like a dot tool, pencil or dowel.
  10. sealer
  11. wire cutter


vintage chair.png

Use the template above to cut out your card stock pieces.  The template has enough pieces to make two chairs.  Be sure to have a new blade in your xacto knife for clean cuts.

card stock cut_Copy1.jpg

Take one of the solid back rest pieces and apply glue evenly across. Take second solid back rest piece apply on top of glue.

Line up edges as even as possible.  Apply glue to the top evenly across   Add the last back rest piece to the top…making sure all of  your edges are even as possible.  I used a cosmetic sponge to help spread the glue. You want to keep your fingers clean of glue as much as possible.  All of those glue spots show up when you go to paint the chair.

using thum to curve back of chair_Copy1.jpg

Hold your thumb in the middle of the glued back rest and press between your fingers to create a gentle  curve in the back.  While your thumb is in place, gently curve the upper edge of the back rest down/away with your fingers.

showng curve in back of chair_Copy1.jpg

Set aside to dry.

Now the bottom seat of the chair.  Take one of the chair bottom pieces and begin to fold in half.  But don’t actually fold.  Pinch a tiny finger nail amount of the chair at the rounded edge and crease a dart.

finger nail pinching back of seat_Copy1.jpg

While pinching, gently curve the four corners down/away.  We are creating the small dip in the seat for bottoms.

pinching seat bottom_Copy1

Do this to all three pieces for the seat bottom.

seat bottom pinched 3_Copy1

Glue the three layers together.  Be sure to keep the dart  shape as you glue.

bottom seat glue_Copy1seat bottom all three layers_Copy1

Let dry.  If you have some small overlap at the sides , trim with scissors.  Nail scissors are great for this step.

Cut strips of the card stock about 7/32″ wide by 7″.  You will need two pieces.  One for the back rest and one for the seat of the chair.

side strips_Copy1

Run the strip through your fingers to give it a curve.  Like curling ribbon.

finger curl trim_Copy1.jpg

Starting at the middle of the back of seat bottom where the dart is , glue the edge of the  strip to the edge of the bottom seat  all the way around to the bottom edge of the chair back.  Creating a small over lap to glue together like in the lantern tutorial.

I am also adding a video to help visualize the over lap gluing process.

Creation of over cardstock over lap for gluing



bottom seat adding side trim_Copy1bottom seat trim applied  top view_Copy1.jpg

Because we are going around some curves, you may have some trim that extends above your seat.  Don’t worry, just let the chair dry and then trim off the over hang with the nail scissors.

bottom seat trimmed neat_Copy1.jpg

Next we’re going to add the trim to the seat back rest.  Start gluing the strip’s edge to the side edge of the seat back rest.  Start at  the bottom of the side and go up and around the top to the bottom of the other side .  Leave about an inch of trim  hanging free on each side.

seat back starting trim_Copy1seat back trim applied ready to assemble_Copy1

Let dry and trim with the nail scissors to even up.

Glue the back rest to the seat bottom with the bottom edge of the seat back lining up with the bottom of the seat back. The curve of the back rest follows the rounded edge of the seat bottom with the dart.

seat back glued to seat bottom_Copy1.jpg

Finish the trim across the join with the overlap gluing for a clean finish.

finished trim join_Copy1

Wire frame is next.  I used some 12 gauge aluminum floral wire.  Cut a piece about 16″.

wire pkg_Copy1.jpg

wire and tool for bending_Copy1


Place your wire across the mat evenly on a horizontal line.  Bend in a u shape just under two inches across. wire first bend_Copy1

Use masking tape to tape to the mat.   Lay your round tool across the wire at two inches below the top of the U shape and tape to hold.

wire first bend taped_Copy1.jpg

Bend the two wires up 90 degrees. Be sure to hold the tool down as you bend.

wire first bend done_Copy1

Remove and position the wire with the 90 degree angle lining up on your mat on a horizontal line like below.

wire second bend set_Copy1

Again at the two inch mark bend the wire up 90 degrees.  Remove and trial fit your chair. It should just fit.

trial fit_Copy1wire trial fit 3_Copy1

Trim the excess wire off with wire cutters.  Your ready to make your second chair if you wish.

For finishing the chairs.  Spray with a mat sealer lightly.   I recommend that you use spray paint or air brush  for painting the chairs.  You can use acrylics, however, very thin layers and very little water or your chairs will warp.   After drying,  spray with a sealer or I used mod podge gloss since I was out of my favorite spay sealer.  I think my husband stole it. It’s not possible that I forgot to get more. 😉

Have fun filled Memorial Weekend!

P.S. The table is 1 5/8th circle  (three pcs glued together) with a 7/32 wide strip for the edge trim.  Legs are the aluminum wire 4 pcs U shaped 2 1/4 inches wide/tall.  Glued together to form the stand.



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43 thoughts on “Miniature Vintage Lawn Chair Tutorial

  1. You have done an AMAZING job of duplicating these vintage lawn chairs. I have really enjoyed watching the process as well as reading up on some of your back blogs- What a TALENT! 😀


  2. Fab tutorial. I have just subscribed to follow your blog, via Kris of 1 Inch Minis 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more.
    All the best


  3. Have been looking for this type of lawn chair for ages! Saw some at Joannes Fabrics in the “Fairy Garden Section, but they were so clunky. Thank you so much for allowing 1 inch minis to post your link. Can’t wait to do this, but first I have to get more card stock, just ran out on last project. I just signed up to follow you.


  4. Love, love, love this! And can’t wait to try it. I have a cousin who’s a big fan of these retro chairs. Thank you for sharing with 1″ Minis!


      1. I signed up to follow your blog! You and Kris have inspired me to start making minis once again, using my gobs and gobs of supplies and stockpile of miniatures!


  5. Hi,
    Saw your tutorial (via Kris Compas) and just love it. I will be looking at your blog again. My dad and stepmom had these chairs. Theirs were red with white frames. Thanks so much for sharing this. Roberta Sheely


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