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Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor


A quick little tutorial for some miniature Easter decor.   If you made the chocolate bunny for your Lindt Chocolate Rabbit box, you are ahead of the game.    Here’s the link to the post  https://teensyweensybaby.com/2016/03/08/1568/

Grab your little rabbit mold and pop out a couple polymer clay bunnies.  You could also just use a miniature plastic bunny for this project.   I whipped up another style of rabbit for some diversity.  Plus you know that old saying about bunnies multiplying.



I put them on tooth picks so that they will easier to work on.

Base coat your bunnies with  gesso.


Mix a 50/50 mix of some green acrylic paint and mat20170223_193422.jpg modge podge.  If you don’t have modge podge you can use white pva glue.

Paint the rabbits.  I keep hearing rascal wabbits in my head.  Watched too many cartoons.



Dry completely.

Here comes the messy part.  Be aware working with flocking should be done with wearing a simple nose/mouth filter mask.  The little fibers get everywhere and you don’t want them in your lungs.

Apply another coat of the paint/gesso mix .  Work quickly.  I do one side at a time.  Have a tray, paper plate or something to catch the static grass flocking.  You can then recycle  the fibers that don’t stick  back into the bottle.



Pour a little of the grass flocking into a small sieve and sprinkle over the wet paint/gesso. Pat gently. Be sure to press into the recessed areas so that your details don’t get lost   I used the tip of a tooth pick to help me with this step.   Sorry, needed to work fast and use both hands, so no pictures.


Same procedure for all sides of your rascally wabbits.    Let them dry and remove the toothpicks.  Decorate as you wish.    I  added some pastel collars with daisy flowers.


I am going to try another rabbit with using a home made static grass applicator.   I may try a fun color too.  Just got to see what happens.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed.




4 thoughts on “Flocked Grass Rabbits for Mini Easter Decor

    1. TY 🙂 ! Yes! that was my intention to use the static grass applicator. Alas, however, something went wrong with mine.I think I zapped once to many. I have since hunted down the supplies and made another. Don’t you just love experimenting?


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