Moo-ving into the new Year!


img_1162-2I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and a happy new year.

I have been working on the elf on the shelf give a way.  Thus far the molding of the head has not been cooperating.  I have tried several methods on molding and have run into issues left and right.  Sigh…back to the drawing board.

I decided to just make one head by hand to be used for the give away.  That way the winner won’t be waiting until I get the kinks worked out for the mold of the head.

So my little elf has compiled the list and is patiently waiting to pick the winner of the free elf on the shelf DYI kit.

I will announce the winner this Sunday!

Here is the list of names.  Let me know if I missed someone.

  1. Debbie Colombo
  2. Susan Watkins
  3. Ann Behan
  4. Leanne Kirsch
  5. Jdc1952
  6. Juliane Garstka
  7. Alician Pearce
  8. Katheryn McCartney
  9. Verity
  10. Tracy
  11. Annrose Kumme
  12. Lucy Seiler
  13. Patrice Chizick
  14. Shelly Norris
  15. Jenny Chapman
  16. Patricia Delimpaltadakis
  17. Angelika Oeckl
  18. Pam
  19. Susan Kofoed

Good Luck!





10 thoughts on “Moo-ving into the new Year!

  1. I am missing on your list. I signed up but the submit button froze my computer. I thought it did go through. I had left you a longer message complimenting you on your talent and your excellent animals. I am the one who has the raccoons as a screen saver on my computer for a year now.

    Angelika Oeckl



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