Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Treat Bucket Tutorial

Miniature Jack O Lantern Treat Bucket

OMG….where has the time gone.  I get so wrapped up in making  little things that I fail to take pictures to share.

I made a little jack o lantern treat bucket this week and wanted the  color to match the treat bucket found in the store.  This is a little tutorial tip of how I managed to get the color I wanted.

So I sculpted a little treat bucket from Sculpey clay


Made a mold using Alumilite amazing putty.   Love this product for making quick little molds.  A little expensive..but I always use a coupon when I need to buy.    Doesn’t take much to make a mold so usually last me for a while. My little pumpkin treat bucket is hollow so I molded it to be able to pour resin from the bottom.


Next I used Alumilite casting resin white to pour a cast.  I wasn’t happy with painting the white resin .  I didn’t have any resin color additives, so a little experimenting was in order.  Love trying something new even if it fails.  Trial and error lead to success.  I had dusted chalk pastels and mica powders in the inside of molds to achieve color on the outside of a cast. However, I wanted the cast to be a solid color.

I shaved some pastels into my cup.





Added one part of the resin and mixed until dissolved as much as possible.  Added the second part of the resin and mixed.


Dripped the mixed resin into my mold.


Waited for the resin to set up firm to take out of the mold.



Ha…this was my third attempt.  I tried two other colors, before finally getting the color I wanted.


Too light,  not yet, and finally just right.

A little black paint and handle to finish the miniature Jack O Lantern treat bucket.


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