Sisal Welcome Door Mat Tutorial

Miniature Sisal Welcome Door Mat Tutorial

I wanted a miniature welcome mat for my little rubber boots.  Nobody wants mud indoors.

List of supplies needed:

  1. scissors
  2. glue
  3. sisal rope
  4. card stock (I used black)
  5. tweezers optional

Cut a 3″x 2.75″ piece of cardstock.  This will be your base for your welcome mat.  Cut approximately a 6″ piece of rope and unravel.



Apply glue to your card stock in small sections.  I used thick and tacky.  Pinch the rope in between your fingers and cut a small section off.


Set into glue.  I did this in small sections. You could use tweezers to hold the sisal.




I found that it was easier to trim the height as I was filling. Letting sections dry and triming.  Trimming became harder if I let my section of mat get too big before I trimmed the height.  Sharp scissors were essential.


Once dry I brushed lightly and used tape to remove the loose pieces.  Trim and decorate as you wish.  I used black paint and stenciled my “Welcome” lettering and trim.


All done and ready for any mud that my little rubber boots may try to track in doors.




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