Tacky Glue How I Deal With It

Tacky Glue and the Fight

Do you fight with getting the glue out of your bottle.  I do!  I use a lot of glue for my little mini flocked animals.   Over the years I have tried a number of ways to keep my tacky glue ready to flow as well as control over the amount of glue.  This is my favorite way to have my tacky glue ready to go.


  1. Freezer bag
  2. rubber bands
  3. tacky glue
  4. scissors

I cut my freezer bottom half off and then cut that into two pieces.


Place one corner into your cupped hand.


Fill the corner with glue and twist shut like a icing bag.


Close with a rubber band.


Cut the tip off the end of the bag.  Just a tiny snip with do.


Squeeze and go.  You can get the tiniest drops of glue and you can put it down anywhere and not have to make sure it is upside down to keep the glue in the tip.  The glue will dry in the tip but you only have to give it a quick pinch between two fingers to remove and it will be ready to flow again.

This has saved me time and frustration…give it a try.


6 thoughts on “Tacky Glue and the Fight

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you there is nothing that I have found better for fabric, but getting it to do what one wants without the use of a toothpick is annoying. I came over from Kris for the tutorial on vintage chairs and stayed to see what else you were so remarkable in creating, and this caught my eye. Thanks so much for the concept.


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