Pink Rose Rubber Boots Tutorial

Pink Rose Miniature Rubber Boots Tutorial

So Cute and would fit into a shabby chic garden setting perfectly.  Here is the steps to making you own miniature rubber boots with design.

If you haven’t read the Tutorial for the miniature rubber boots, please take the time to read first.

You will need these additional items:

  1. Acrylic Paints
  2. Plasti Dip Clear
  3. Decals or Tissue Paper
  4. White Slick Fabric Dimensional Paint
  5. Printer
  6. Glue for tissue decoupage

To make your miniature rubber boots with a pattern design, follow the steps in the Miniature Rubber Boots tutorial (Miniature Rubber Boot Tutorial) up to where you have your boot forms covered in the white knee high nylons.


Paint the forms with the white slick fabric Paint and let dry.  Apply two coats.




Paint the bottom trim, bottom , toe and upper trim with a coordinating color.  I used pink for the pink rose pattern.


I used a pink rose water slide decals that I had printed on my ink jet printer.  Cut and apply onto the boot form.  If you don’t have access to water slide decals or the supplies to print, you can print on tissue paper and decoupage (I used white glue for my decoupage) the design onto the boot form.  Just google printing on tissue paper for the how to.  Here is photo of some cherries that I printed on tissue paper.


Once you have your decals or tissue decoupage applied, allow to dry completely. I added some polka dots to fill in around the decals.  Dry.


Then dip into the plasti dip clear.


I applied two coats allowing to dry between coats.  The clear plasti-dip coat shrinks slightly as it drys.  Going forward I think I will apply three coats of the plasti-dip clear coat.

After drying for a few hours or overnight, you can peel down off the boot forms gently like taking off a sock.  Trim the top to make even.

I used the cherries tissue paper to make another pair of boots using the same steps.




All I need is a door.


Have fun.

Pink Roses Wellies


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