Rubber Boots Tutorial

Miniature Rubber Boots Tutorial


Need a pair of cute little boots for your garden scene?  Here is a little tutorial on how to make a simple pair of rubber boots perfect for those spring showers.


Gather some supplies.

  1. Rubber Laytex
  2. polymer clay
  3. Amonia
  4. coloring
  5. white nylon knee highs
  6. glue
  7. flocking (0ptional)
  8. Balloon
  9. small mixing container with lid
  10. scissors
  11. spray adhesive temporary
  12. talcum powder or corn starch
  13. Trim to decorate


Sculpt your boot forms out of the polmer clay and bake.   I then drilled holes to insert a handle.  Wood skewers work great.

Spray the forms with the temporary ahesive.  Make sure and get good coverage all over the forms.


Cut two pieces of the white nylon knee highs to cover the forms.


Place the center of the nylon over the front of the form and press the nylon onto the form.  Pay particular attention to the curve over the ankle.


Press onto each side smoothly.  Stretching slightly to fit.

Once you have the nylon smoothed over the entire boot form, trim off the excess nylon to have the edges meet together at the back and bottom.

Paint a layer of the rubber laytex over the entire boot carefully.  I dabbed the brush to apply rather than dragging the brush.  You don’t want the nylon to come away from the boot form.


Let dry and paint another coat. Dry again

Mix up a 50/50 rubber laytex and amonia mixture into a container with a lid.  Add coloring of your choice to the mixture.  I used a food gel color.  The color will be a shade or two darker when dry. Make sure to cover the laytex container in between coats to prevent drying.


Now you can dip the boot form into the colored laytex.


Dip and let dry several times.  I lost count but would guess that I dipped and let dry about 6 to 7 times.


Once you have a smooth and dry coating.  You can gently powder the out side of the boot and pull off the form slowly.  Like taking off a sock. It may turn inside out as you remove it from the form.  I powderd the inside lightly and turn back right side out.


I forgot to take a picture of the boot just removed from the boot form. The top will be uneven.  You will need to trim the top off with scissors to make a clean straight edge.


Trace around the boot form onto the card stock and cut out shape.


Apply the to the bottom of the boot with glue.  I used Gorilla Glue.


Trim off the neck of the balloon.  (forgot to take a picture) Cut in half.


You will have two equal pieces.  Then trim off a small ribbon of each piece.  You will have two larger and two smaller ribbons of the balloon neck.


Glue the smaller balloon ribbon around the sole of the boot.  Glue into place.


Place the larger balloon neck ribbon onto the upper boot and turn the excess into the inside of the boot. Creating the cuff.


Cut a slit at the front and back of the balloon trim to ease the fit into the boot.


Glue down.  The next step is optional.  I chose to add flocking to the inside of the boot to add comfy warm lining.

Just add glue and spinkle the flocking and press lightly.  Let dry


Add trim of your choice to decorate your little rubber boots.



The possibilities of color combos is endless…what color to make next?  Red hmm…

When I started this project, I originally wanted to use a product called Plasti dip.WELLIES_Copy13_Copy1


It comes with a clear base and colors.  Unfortunatly, I live in California and cannot get the thinner needed for the product.  I will continue to try and find something that will work and will update once figured out.

Hope you enjoyed and are excited to try your own little rubber boot project.


Thank you and see you soon


Tried a new method today with pattern on the boots.

Pink Roses Wellies




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