Potted Poinsettia Plant Tutorial

Miniature Poisettia Plant Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how I made my miniature potted poinsettia plants.

First, I just want to mention that I have a brother scan n cut machine and that makes cutting out the petals and leaves really easy.  But if you don’t have one, paper punches works just as well.

Here is a list of materials that I used

  1. oragami pratice paper (I found mine at walmart.com)
  2. acrylic paint red, green and yellow
  3. wax paper
  4. wire for the stems
  5. tacky glue and glue gun
  6. wooden flower pot
  7. foil candy wrapper paper ( I used the wrapper from the new Hershey kisses deluxe)
  8. paper punch  ( Fiskars small lever flower)
  9. scissors
  10. wire cutters
  11. ball stylus or lace tool
  12. paint brush
  13. t-pin or needle to poke holes into the paper leaves

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0003

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0004

I used the origami practice paper as it is really light weight and holds the paint well.

I painted one sheet red on both sides and one green on both sides.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0011Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0010

Paint the little wooden pot green too. You don’t have to completely cover the pot as the foil covers the out side.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0009

I glued a few bb’s inside for weight in the pot via glue gun.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0021

Cut three approximately 2″ lengths of the wire and strip the wire insulation off.  Twist together the strands til almost the end.   Fan out the wire and dip the ends into the yellow paint to form the stamens.  Let dry.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0007

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0008


Close up of the end coated in yellow acrylic paint to form the stamen.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0014

Finish twisting the wires until almost the end.   Do that to all three set of wires.

Now cut out your petals and leaves.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0012

Add the veining either using the ball stylus or the lace tool to all your petals and leaves.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0013

Poke a hole in the center of the petalssPoinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0016

Add onto the wires and thread up to the stamens.  Add a second set of petals  and thread up to the first set of petals.  Add a dab of tacky glue and rotate the patels so that the petals line up between the first set of petals.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0015Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0017

Do this for all three wires.

Next paint the stems green and let dry.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0019

Add 5-7 green leaves for each stem.  Rotating the leaves along the stem.  Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0020

Glue your three poinsettia stems into the pot. I used my glue gun.


Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0023

Cut a square of the Hershey’s Deluxe kiss gold foiL wrapper. I really liked the foil from the Hershey’s kisses because it resembled the florist foil that I remember to be on the poinsettia plant sold for Christmas.   Plus…who doesn’t need an excuse to buy some chocolates.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0024

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0002

Glue the foil onto the outside of the pot.

Finito….Aren’t they cute?  I gotta makes some white and pink ones too.

Poinsettia Plant_Tutorial_0025

P.S…I forgot to mention too that you will need to add some color to the edges of the leave and petals if you are using the white origami paper.  Markers work well for this final step.


Thanks for looking…

fiskars flower punch

Here’s a picture of the punch you can use if you don’t have access to a scanncut machine.


Here’s a picture of the outlines I used to cut on my brother scanncut machine.



3 thoughts on “Miniature Poisettia Plant Tutorial

  1. Very nice!
    Can you give me details on the punch you used. I never seen a fiscars punch that looks like this. It seems that you used two different sizes.


    1. The fiskars punch is called flower..I looked and it doesn’t have an item number that I can see. The fiskars punch was an alternate if you don’t have access to a scan n cut. In my haste to post this tutorial I didn’t make this clear enough. I will add a photo of the punch that the fiskars punch makes. TY for commenting.


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