Burlap Reindeer Feed Bag Tutorial

Burlap Reindeer Goodie Bag Tutorial

Don’t forget the reindeers this Christmas eve.  Along with milk and cookies for Santa, leave a little treat for the reindeers too.  Carrots are like candy to reindeers and some lichen to help them fly strong and fast for Santa.

This is a quick little tutorial for the burlap bag with the logo.  Real easy peasy.  So loved finding this little trick for transferring images to fabric .


  1. fabric loose weave natural to mimmick burlap
  2. thread & needle
  3. ink jet photo paper
  4. fray check
  5. hair spray (I used aqua net)
  6. mini carrots, lichen or oats

Cut out two layers of the fabric into rectangles.  Approximately 3*2.5 inches.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Fabric cut

Add fray check to the edges to prevent fraying of the edges.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_fabric fray check

Sew up three sides.  Leaving one short side open for the top of the bag.


Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Fabric sewn turned

Print your logo onto the photo paper.  Don’t forget to reverse the lettering. Note…print right before using.  The more time after printing the less ink with transfer to the fabric.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Fabric needle art

Cut logo to fit your bag.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Fabric art cut

Okay this took me a couple of practice turns.  Spray the hair spray onto the logo.  Spray enough to puddle onto the logo.Burlap Bag_Tutorial_art with spray

Working quickly turn over and press onto the fabric.  Don’t move or wiggle..straight down and press the entire surface for a few seconds.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_press art

Peel and reveal.

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Art transferred

I did both sides

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Art Trans used

Here you can see some of the ink is still left on the photo paper.  So I could have pressed a little longer.  But I think the logo looks fine.  Note: I don’t think that the fabric is washable.  So only items not intended to wash.

Turn down the top and fill with goodies.

I could see using this method for hang tags, favor bags.. etc.

Ta da! Finito!

Burlap Bag_Tutorial_Done with snow



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